13. Third-party authentication add-on for Facebook. Customer guide.

The following configuration will allow the customers to configure the Facebook OAuth application to implement authentication with Facebook accounts on their LMS sites.

13.1. Integration requisites.

  • It is required to have your LMS site in a domain of your own.

  • Enterprise or performance subscription with the add-on third-party authentication enabled.

13.2. Configuration steps.

13.2.1. Configuration of the Facebook oauth application.

  1. Log in to your Facebook account to access The developer's console.

  1. Create a new app for the integration with the LMS site.

  1. On your app dashboard, add a product using the option named “Facebook Login”.

  • Select Web or www.

  • Enter your LMS domain

  • Select next in the steps recommended by Facebook.

  1. Go to the Products-Facebook Login-Settings and make sure the Valid OAuth Redirect URIs is configure with:


13.2.2. Provide eduNEXT with the credentials recently created.

The client ID and client secret can be found at Settings-basic. Send this information to the eduNEXT support team.


The credentials look like the example below.

App-ID = 12345678901233456
App-Secret = xXxXXxXxXXxXXxXXxxXxxXxxXxXxxXxx


Make sure to switch the toggle from “In development” to “production”