15. Third-party authentication add-on for Linkedin. Customer guide.

The following configuration will allow the customers to configure the LinkedIn OAuth application to implement authentication with LinkedIn accounts on their LMS sites.

15.1. Integration requisites.

  • It is required to have your LMS site in a domain of your own.

  • Enterprise or performance subscription with the add-on third-party authentication enabled.

15.2. Configuration steps.

15.2.1. Configuration of the Facebook oauth application.

  1. Log in to your LinkedIn account to access The developer's console.

  1. Select create new application for the integration with the LMS site.


Fill out the fields according to your project’s information.

  1. In the OAuth 2.0 section, for Authorized Redirect URL, enter


15.2.2. Provide eduNEXT with the credentials recently created.

The client ID and client secret can be found at the Auth tab. Send this information to the eduNEXT support team.


The credentials look like the example below.

App-ID = 78jh7523m7glp5
    App-Secret = WgsamPQglUo3xygH