9. Create An Additional Site For An Existing Account

This configuration is available as part of the multi-sites feature in a PERFORMANCE subscription.

The creation of the site is done by the eduNEXT support team.

All you need to do is to configure the DNS records for the new site, and then open a support ticket requesting the creation of the new site.

See also

You can see how to open a support ticket. Here.

Make sure to indicate in the request:

  • The domain you have configured and where your new LMS site will be placed.

  • The organization or organizations that are going to be used in this site. In case it is an existing organization, be aware that it will be removed from the current site and placed in the new site. In case it’s a new organization that needs to be created, please indicate the short name and the full name, and also the user or users that need to have course creation permissions for that new organization.