1. Hide an Open edX course.

1.1. How to hide an Open edX course?

1.1.1. Get the list of enrolled learners.

1. Go to the course in the LMS platform, and go to the instructor page of the course and download a profile information report, which will have the full list of learners enrolled in the course.

2. From the file you downloaded, select all the emails addresses.

3. Go to Instructor-membership-batch enrollment, and paste all the email addresses in the box. Then, uncheck the auto enroll and notify users by email options. 4. Select Unenroll.


This step will unenroll all the learners in an Open edX course so that the course will not appear on their dashboards.

1.1.2. Change the course dates.

5. Now, you should go to the schedule and details page in Studio platform and change the enrollment start date and enrollment end date to any date in the past. This procedure will hide the course from the course catalog.

1.1.3. Change the course visibility of the course on the homepage, and disable the course description page.

6. Now, you should go to the course in Studio. Then, we have to go “advanced settings” and select the field “Course Visibility In Catalog” and type “none” in it. Doing so, we rest assure that the course will not be visible on the homepage neither the course description page will be available.