2. Access the eduNEXT control center

The eduNEXT control center - ECC (Previously called the eduNEXT management console), is the centralized place where you’ll be able to configure and operate your subscription.

It is located here: edunext Control Center.

To access the eduNEXT control center, you’ll need a username and password. Usually, these are the ones you first used when signing up for your subscription with eduNEXT. Keep in mind that this set of credentials is initially set alike for the ECC and the Open edX platform (LMS + STUDIO) but they will not be permanently linked, so changes in the email or password for the LMS and STUDIO will not affect the credentials of the ECC.

In case your ECC password is lost, you can always use the recovery link on the ECC login page to get an email with the option to set a new password for your ECC profile.

Once you access the ECC, you will land on the ECC dashboard where you’ll find some key links to direct you to the right place depending on your current goal.

Please be aware that your ECC credentials provide access to all your configurations, billing information, Platform and sites configurations and learner data, so it needs to be handled with the corresponding precautions to prevent any unauthorized access to this information.

Using strong passwords is advised as well as always closing the session whenever you are finished.