7. Select or change the Add-ons for your subscription with eduNEXT

Add-ons are advanced functionalities or configurations that are available for ENTERPRISE or PERFORMANCE subscriptions.

ENTERPRISE subscriptions can select up to 3 different add-ons.

PERFORMANCE subscriptions can make use of many of the available add-ons.

7.1. Selection of add-ons

Add-ons are initially selected when the subscription is upgraded to ENTERPRISE. PERFORMANCE subscriptions don’t need to make any selection. In this type of subscription, all add-ons are enabled.

7.2. Changing your add-ons

Customers can change the add-ons at any time by opening a support ticket.

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You can see how to open a support ticket. Here.

Send the following information along with your request:

-Name of the account. -Add-ons to remove. -New add-ons to add.


Make sure Your account is entitled to the add-ons you want to enable. You can check that information at https://www.edunext.co/cloud/.

7.3. Configuration of the add-ons

Some add-ons need additional configuration after they are activated. Specific instructions for each add-on configuration are found in the corresponding section in the eduNEXT management console.

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You can find more information about the add-ons configuration in the following. section.