9. Cancel a subscription with eduNEXT

9.1. How to Cancel the eduNEXT account

A subscription can be canceled before the end of the billing cycle.

To cancel your subscription, open a support ticket with the request. Make sure to issue the request from the email that is designated as the administrator of the corresponding account in the eduNEXT management console.

See also

You can see how to open a support ticket. Here.

Canceling a subscription will stop any future recurring payments, but it will not imply any refund of the period that has already been paid.

A canceled subscription will not go back to the LITE status; it will be changed so that the LMS site is blocked for current learners or those who want to create an account on the site.

Administrators will still have access to the EMC after canceling a subscription as well as course authors will still have access to Studio platform for a few weeks in case they need to recover any course files.

The LMS side will eventually be fully downgraded, Including data deletion.