1. Getting started

This section will present the alternatives to manage an eduNEXT’s cloud-based subscription powered by Open edX.

Most of the operations needed to manage the subscription are not related to the Open edX platform itself but to the tools and services made available by eduNEXT to allow its subscribers to set up and maintain their Open edX based service.

1.1. The eduNEXT management console

An exclusive platform developed by eduNEXT, the EMC (eduNEXT management console) is a powerful managerial tool to self customize many of your site’s Open edX configuration variables. The EMC allows customizing the LMS site with a wide range of configuration options. You can find in the eduNEXT management console options to customize the appearance of your LMS site, to monitor your users, to get important data of your learners, to configure the emails sent from the platform, to use Google Analytics, and many other options to create a unique LMS site.

1.1.1. Your subcription information in the EMC

You can go to https://manage.edunext.co/ and log in with the credentials you established when you created the account.The following information of your account will be presented.

eduNEXT subscription
  • Account: The account name you specified when it was created.

  • Status: It shows whether your account is active or not.

  • Subscription: The type of subscription will be displayed as well as the validity or expiration date.

  • Microsite: The domain for your LMS site.

1.1.2. Active users monitoring section

In this section, you will find a summary of the users that have been active taking your courses. An active user is a learner that creates an account on your site and uses the content in your courses. You will see the report of active users of, maximum, the last month.

subscription information


To make changes to edit any of your subscription details and information, you should write to us at support@edunext.co.