1. Getting started

This section will present the alternatives to manage an eduNEXT’s subscription.

Most of the operations needed to manage the subscription are not related to the Open edX platform itself but to the tools and services made available by eduNEXT to allow its subscribers to set up and maintain their Open edX based service.

1.1. The eduNEXT control center - ECC

The eduNEXT control center (Previously called the eduNEXT management console) is an exclusive application developed by eduNEXT, as a powerful centralized managerial tool to provide an interface for your team to be able to work with the open edX platform components. The different levels the application operates at are listed below:

  • Subscription Level

  • Platform Level

  • Site Level

  • General Level

1.1.1. Your subscription information in the ECC

You can go to https://manage.edunext.co/ and log in with the credentials you established when you created the account.The following information of your account will be presented.

Once you have entered the edunext control center, you will find a section named My subscription in the menu on the left. This section will have all the information about your subscription.


In this section you will also find the options to upgrade, make changes or cancel your subscription.