4. Upgrade a Subscription

There are four types of Cloud subscriptions, LITE, PREMIUM, ENTERPRISE, and PERFORMANCE. Every new subscription will be created as LITE to allow you to explore and test the functionality before the upgrade.


You can find more information about the four subscriptions at https://www.edunext.co/cloud/.

LITE subscriptions are limited in functionality and can only be used for up to 50 active users. Whenever you need to unlock the additional functionality, publish the LMS site in your domain, or deliver courses to more than 50 users, you will need to upgrade your subscription.

The upgrade process is started directly from the EMC dashboard, using the “upgrade plan” button placed on the left panel.

Upgrade button in the eduNEXT management console.

4.1. Upgrade workflow

The upgrade process is a simple four-step procedure, consisting of:

1. Type of subscription

Selection of the type of Subscription: PREMIUM, ENTERPRISE, or PERFORMANCE.

Select your plan.

2. Size of the subscription

Selection of the Size, or the number of monthly active users (MAU) that your site will be able to serve.

3. Billing cycle

Selection of the billing cycle for the subscription, either monthly billing or yearly billing.

4. Checkout

Checkout using a Paypal account or credit cards through Paypal.

Select the size and billing cycle.

After your subscription has been upgraded, you will see the new subscription model in your EMC dashboard. You will receive a confirmation from PayPal, and also a welcome email with some details and information about your subscription. You can also find this information in this documentation.

Some of the add-ons and advanced functionalities are not fully self-service, so you will need to contact the support team to configure them. Usual configurations such as publishing the LMS site in your domain and the activation and configuration of add-ons might take 1 to 5 days depending on the complexity of your specific requests.