5. Generate reports for your site

If your account has the Reporting module add-on, you will have an additional tool to generate and download reports on top of the course reports already provided by open edX.

The reports module in the eduNEXT management console can help download important information from your courses.

The reports module consists of 4 types of reports:

  • Users’ report

  • Enrollments’ report

  • Certificates’ report

  • Timed exam reports

The first two already exist in the platform and can be downloaded from the instructor panel from the LMS platform. However, we offer a better option to get those reports due to the following aspects:

  • It can generate reports that list your registered users, learners, or certificates across all the courses on your site.

  • The reports will include all the learner profile information and not only the username and email.

  • There is an additional filtering capability in case you need to focus your report on a subset of records.

  • The report can be exported as a CSV, but also as an XLS or XLSX file.

To generate a report with the reporting module:

  1. Visit the Reports - Generate report section in the eduNEXT management console at https://manage.edunext.co/reports/new-report/

  2. Select the type of report you want to generate.

  3. Fill in the optional filters.

  4. Select the file format of your preference.

  5. Visit the Reports - My reports section at https://manage.edunext.co/my-reports/, locate and download the report you generated.